Chris Tucker Chiropractic


Let's see what our clients have to say

Manny R.

Chris Tucker does a great job of making you feel welcome when you visit his office. He came in early just to accommodate me. It is clear he is very experienced and passionate about what he does. He is also very knowledgeable and great at answering questions. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. Whether you are injured or just want to stay in top shape, Chris is your guy.

Lynn K.

I"ve known Dr. Tucker for over 10 years now. I've gone to other chiropractors, but consider Dr. Tucker my "specialist", since he was able to cure ailments that other chiropractors are not able to do. The main thing he has been able to work with me on are my feet. The bones inside my feet feel like they cross over, etc. and make it almost impossible for me to walk when my condition is at it's worse. Shoes are also uncomfortable with this condition. Dr. Tucker is able to treat my feet with heat, laser and manual adjustment. As a result, I walk 3 miles, twice a week! No limit! Can't say enough about his dedication!

Ramana T.

Chris Tucker is the best Chiropractor in the Bay Area. Great friendly service and a fully equipped facilities. Chris takes a holistic approach and will give you advice on nutrition and exercise.